Self Image // A Poem

I stopped in front of my mirror today, and what followed was an urge to throw myself down the stairs. Eventually I pondered the thought away, and although I always hate how I appear, the feeling caught me completely unawares. I stared at my own eyes for the duration, and my focus shifted around my […]

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Goodbye // A Poem

“I think it’s best we break up.” I can’t bare to look at you as I say these words; I can feel your heart breaking as it ripples the air between us. I know that you’re crying, which pains me because you never wear your emotions. The silence is deafening. I look up for a […]

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Numb // A Poem

I hear the delivery of bad news, yet I feel no sadness. I have seen you deteriorate rapidly, suffer intensely, yet somehow, I am numb. It has been 2 hours, I lie awake with my Mother’s hand in mine. I close my eyes and I see your face. I open them and my mind races. […]

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The Taste // A Poem (TW)

I remember my first line of cocaine, it stung my nose and the taste lingered in the back of my throat like our memories. I was 17 years young when I began to depend on a high to forget about the lie we used to live within. I smoked so many cigarettes in that time, […]

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Scent // A Poem

I remember breathing you in, filling my lungs to the brim with the sweet scent of your apple shampoo. Years ago, I would have died for you, if you’d wanted me to.  When you returned last Summer, your aroma was the first memory I recollected. I yearned to rediscover your natural perfume. It took me […]

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Shadow // A Poem

I fell in love with your shadow. It contorted and span so freely to the music blaring so passionately in the dim light on that Friday night. Your silhouette hypnotised me innocently, as those around us became an insignificant blur and time slurred to a halt. Enticed by how calm and collected you seemed in […]

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Memories // A Poem

Why do memories haunt you? Like whispers in the wind Like ghosts in the night Like shadows on sunny days Why do memories hurt you? Like thorns on a rose Like blades on skin Like bones that break Why do memories fade? Like the light of day Like burning candles Like you & me

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CONCEPT – The Book

You handed me a gift, And the gift was a book, I was touched by the cover. Gazing at the yellow exterior, It lit up my face as I smiled, I traced the title with my eyes. “Happiness is…” it read, with hundreds of responses inside. I noted your name was not. Smitten with the […]

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